Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Silence, Absence and The Writing Experience

Please excuse my long absence- I have been busy doing research for my forthcoming popular science book and creating pieces for my jewellery collection- due to be launched later this month. I will post details of the book here in due course. Actually, writing this book has been a very strange experience in many regards. From what I have read in interviews with well known authors, I think most people find some books harder to write than others.

For a while, things were very heavy going with this book, but lately I've been learning all sorts of bizarre and entertaining facts that I'm trying to squeeze into the narrative. (well, they entertain me, anyway). It's very tempting to share what I am learning as I go along - to enthuse about it all here and to mention it to my friends when they ask how things are going, but I'm fighting that for the moment- even to the extent of avoiding talking about it at all. I hope keeping it all to myself will make the book better in the end.

Both the writing and the jewellery-making are proving great experiences and -oddly- seem to compliment each other. Sometimes doing two creative things simultaneously seems to be utterly exhausting; for example, conducting research science and writing a book at the same time was disastrous for me- but other activities seem to support each other. Jewellery manufacture and writing seem to work well together.

Volcano photo

Amazing photo of an erupting volcano from a satalite