Monday, 27 February 2012

Link of the day- Sloth Documentary and Interview with Tamsin Stone

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Link of the day today is to this tabloid article on sloths-

The article has an excellent embedded excerpt from an Animal Planet sloth documentary that is due to air on Sunday.

The other thing I want to mention is that the new issue of Small Furry Pets magazine is on sale in the UK now (and internationally by subscription)-

I have a regular interview column in this magazine- this month's interviewee is Tamsin Stone , author of the excellent pet care book "Understanding your Rabbit's Habbits". This month, it's a 6-page spread, so it's one of the longer interviewees I have done in a while.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Arizona Desert, Bhutan's Wildlife; Pests of the Coffee Farm and Problems in science publishing

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 There are 4 links today-

The beauty of the Arizona Desert-

The wildlife of Bhutan-

and the pests and wild animals found on Costa Rica's coffee farms-

Finally, over 5000 researchers have joined a boycott of Elsevier's journals in protest at the publisher's behaviour- specifically the way Elsevier profits by selling the rights to see scientific papers. Since the company receives the copyrights and much of the copy editing for nothing- courtessy of the scientists involved and the reviewers, the fact that they (and other academic journal publishers) charge such high prices to view those papers has long been a bone of contention. Not least since the research published was often government- or charity- funded. A fuller account is given in the IHT here-

Friday, 10 February 2012

Links of the day- Koalas, travel photographs and the harm of spanking children

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Today's beautiful creature is this baby koala photographed by Erik Veland at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. You can find more pictures by Erik Veland on his portfolio [here]. The picture above was taken from Wikipedia, where it is listed as having a creative commons 3.0 attribution license. For details of the license, click [here]

 Today's weblinks are to an article reporting research that shows that spanking children is harmful for their long-term development and mental health-

And to the impressive results of National Georgraphic Traveller's annual photography competition-

Friday, 3 February 2012

Link of the day: Solar Storm, Frozen sea and lion cubs

Welcome (back) to Weirdbeautiful
Today I have 4 links for you: the first three being meterological.

First is this picture of frozen waves in Romania-
- one of the more picturesque consequences of the current pan-European freezing temperatures.

the second also shows frozen waves of the black sea-

The link today is to more distant bad weather in the form of a solar storm that is predicted to affect The Earth's climate-

Finally, cute picture of the week is this lion cub from a review on the french msn homepage. The review (and the picture) relates to Disney's programme "Felins"("Cats")